SICE products

After the SICE ATBD:

Kokhanovsky, A.; Box, J.; Vandecrux, B. Pre-operational Sentinel-3 Snow and Ice (SICE) Products: Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document. Preprints 2020, 2020090529 (doi: 10.20944/preprints202009.0529.v1).

the latest SICE publication:

Kokhanovsky, A.; Box, J.E.; Vandecrux, B.; Mankoff, K.D.; Lamare, M.; Smirnov, A.; Kern, M. The Determination of Snow Albedo from Satellite Measurements Using Fast Atmospheric Correction Technique. Remote Sens. 202012, 234.

The SICE toolchain and the latest, the following grids are output:

snow characteristics
isnow- 0 = clean snow, 1 = polluted snow
ntype- pollutant type: 1(soot), 2( dust), 3 and 4 (other or mixture)
conc- pollutant concentration is defined as the volumetric concentration
of pollutants divided by the volumetric concentration of ice grains
bf- normalized absorption coefficient of pollutants ay 1000nm ( in inverse mm)
bm- Angström absorption coefficient of pollutants ( around 1 – for soot, 3-7 for dust)
D – snow grain diameter (mm)
area – specific surface area (kg/m/m)
al – effective absorption length(mm)
r0 – reflectance of a semi-infinite non-absorbing snow layer

spectral reflectance
Rtoa – ozone corrected OLCI TOA reflectances

spectral albedo
alb_sph(i),i=1,21) spherical albedo
(rp(i),i=1,21) planar albedo
(refl(i),i=1,21) reflectance (boar)

planar BroadBand Albedo (BBA)
rp1 – visible(0.3-0.7micron)
rp2- near-infrared (0.7-2.4micron)
rp3- shortwave(0.3-2.4 micron)shortwave(0.3-2.4 micron)

spherical BBA
rs1- visible(0.3-0.7micron)
rs2- near-infrared (0.7-2.4micron)
rs3- shortwave(0.3-2.4 micron)shortwave(0.3-2.4 micron)

BXXX – retrieved total ozone from OLCI measurements after Kokhanovsky et al (2020b)
totadu- ECMWF total column ozone in Dobson Unit

Data format

  • 1 km GeoTiff
  • Float32
  • EPSG:3413 – WGS 84 Polar Stereographic North
  • Width 1487, Height 2687 grid dimensions