daily Greenland, Arctic Canada and Iceland land ice albedo grids

Daily 0.5 km, 1 km and 5 km resolution Greenland, Arctic Canada and Iceland glaciated area albedo grids are available beginning April 2000 and (currently ending) September, 2017. The data are based on NASA MOD10A1 Collection 6 data with de-noising, gap filling, and bias correction after Box et al. (2017).

An example (15 July 2016) of the daily 500 m x 500 m enhanced MOD10A1 Collection 6 albedo product presented in this article.

The grids are available through PROMICE at 5 km resolution. Data at the native 500 m resolution and 1 km resolution are available on request (jeb at geus dot dk).

Grid Properties

The data are distributed in NetCDF format and contain latitude, longitude, land mask. The map projection information:

Polar Stereographic
Map Reference Latitude: 90.0
Map Second Reference Latitude: 71.0
Map Reference Longitude: -39.0
Map Equatorial Radius: 6370.0
Grid Width: 301
Grid Height: 561
Grid Map Units per Cell: 5.0 ; km
Map Origin X: -800
Map Origin Y: -600

Works Cited

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