technical documents

ATBD version 1.6 (note) given multiple algorithms being available for e.g. Atmosphere Correction, future versions are expected to have further narrowed down algorithm choices

survey of snow modeller requirements for optical remotely sensed snow parameters – finalised 2 Jan, 2019

Workshop: Modeling Meltwater in Snow and Firn: Processes, Validation, Intercomparison and Model uses of Optical Remotely Sensed Data 20-22 September 2017, Copenhagen.

slides: Optical remotely sensed data in snow and ice modelling by M. Dumont[1], L. Charrois[2,1] and E. Cosme[2] 1: Météo-France – CNRS, CNRM/CEN, Grenoble, France ; 2: UGA- CNRS, IGE, Grenoble, France